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J&F Management Group offering knowledgeable, organized and effective service in Professional Property Management for the Orlando, Tampa and Central Florida area.

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Summerwind Apartments - TampaJ&F Management Group is an established Florida Real Estate Agency offering Professional Property Management for Multi-Family Dwellings, Duplexes and Commercial Properties.  It has a professional team who understands what is important to each individual client.  It is a common misconception that to be effective a property manager need only collect rents, show space and execute leases.  In reality, the property manager’s job is far more complex and demanding than that of a mere caretaker for another person’s property.

 J&F Management Group specialization is emerging as a managerial philosophy of the real estate industry devoted to maintaining the investment and income of a property, offering service-oriented staff to preserve strong relationships with the tenants that allow them to keep properties full and pursue objectives to maximize the net income of the property.

 J&F Management has a complete administrative staff knowledgeable in house accounting, management control, dynamic decision making, communication skills and technical expertise.  Their capability includes acting as market analysts, advertising executives, sales people, accountants and even maintenance engineers.  They have a comprehensive understanding of theSummerset Apartments - Orlando economic forces at work in the real estate market.  In addition, they are able to evaluate the property in terms of operating income, forecast its potential for the future and construct a management plan that reflect the owner’s objectives, while at the same time remaining flexible enough to adapt to future changes in the market.

 J&F Management Group is knowledgeable, organized and effective in their duties with the ability to cut expenses by using its practical knowledge.


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Francisco Orchilles
J&F Management Group
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5900 Casa Del Rey Circle Orlando, FL 32809

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